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New members will get a random bonus of 5%-30% for their first deposit (maximum up to a bonus of Rs 30%). Lottery. Animal. Sports. Live. E-Games. curve.

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RoyalClub VIP ­čĺ░­čĺ░:
The official latest announcement from the Royal Club :
Due to the fact that some VIP users fill in the information during registration not truth, due our payment review is slow. In order to improve this problem, when registering a VIP account with the Royal Club from now on, must fill in a real and valid name that matches your bank card, so that we can verify it more quickly and withdraw money quickly.

Rules of “Royal Club”:
1. It is forbidden to use the same mobile phone to register multiple accounts for arbitrage defraud bonuses (and also forbidden using numerous accounts with the same IP´╝ë. It is also prohibited to use multiple mobile phones to register multiple accounts for arbitrage.
2. Betting Odd and Even , Big and Small or Dragon and Tiger on the same period is prohibited
3. It is forbidden for upper-level members and lower-level members to conduct Odd and Even , Big and Small or Dragon and Tiger betting separately in the same period .
Also it is forbidden to use multiple accounts to betting Odd and Even , Big and Small or Dragon and Tiger at the same period.
4. If you need to register a new account in special circumstances, please contact the teacher for authorization.
5. Each member can only have one Royal Club account. Any form of cheating, arbitrage and speculation is prohibited.


The above are the basic rules. All members are requested to strictly abide by it. In case of violation of the rules, Royal Club has the right to suspend all illegal accounts to maintain the fairness and justice of the game. If the circumstances are serious, the account will be frozen, the agent qualification will be canceled, and the earning qualification in Royal Club will also be canceled

I am here to tell those who want to profit by breaking the rules, speculating, deceiving rewards and arbitrage. This is not feasible. In order to ensure our fairness, this situation is strictly prohibited. Any accounts and related accounts that make profits in violation of the rules will be directly frozen and lose their agent qualifications and the qualifications to make money in the Royalclub

All members are asked to read carefully and inform each other, and strictly abide by it. Royal Club is not responsible for any financial losses caused by operating errors, and all responsibilities must be borne by itself

Precautions for deposit:
1. Remind all members don’t save any deposit accounts information. The account information often changed on the platform. If you pay with a saved account at this time, the order will be lost.
2. For each deposit, please obtain new account information in the selected deposit channel in real time.
3. Every time you deposit, please read the deposit instructions of the selected deposit channel, pay attention to the deposit time, pay within the valid time and submit the order.
4. If the deposit time expires, please do not pay. Please reopen the deposit channel to deposit. Payment after timeout, the order will be lost.
5. If the operation speed is slow, please choose a payment channel with a longer payment time to avoid loss of funds due to payment overtime. It is recommended to choose a deposit channel that does not need to submit an order (such as UPI).
6. The payment time includes the time to submit the order. After payment, if you choose the deposit channel that needs to submit the order , you must return to the selected deposit channel and fill in the UPI transaction order number of the successful transaction, and then submit it correctly! (If you do not submit the order, the deposit will fail and the order will be lost).
7. The current deposit channel takes 1-5 minutes to reach the account to avoid unnecessary losses. It is recommended that you deposit in advance

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